Monday, 12 September 2016


Hastings Diary Day 12 May 2016 TEMPLATE
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The morning cloud was replaced by afternoon sun so where better to go than the newly refurbished Hastings pier.
 So there we sat, supping ginger beer, shades of the Famous Five, enjoying the view.There is something very special about being out over the sea and looking back at a familiar coastline.
We were not the only ones to be enjoying the weather and venue, there was chatter all around. Those on their own were on their phones or iPads. A Victorian concept enjoyed still in the 21st century.

 I've heard that some have called it ' the plank ' in a somewhat derogatory fashion  but it suits it well and could  end up being used in a very fond fashion. "I'm walking the plank today, would you care to join me?" "Let's walk the plank ladies.."

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