Sunday, 18 September 2016


This is not an account of a “normal day” for me as I had been in Oxford meeting up with friends and I was travelling home to Hastings on Thurs 12th May. It's probably too long for a diary entry and too much superfluous information, but here it is.

Thursday 12th May (Premier Inn Oxford)

    Didn't sleep well last night. Woke early looked out onto a grey sky over Premier Inn car park in Oxford. At least it's not raining. Arrived on Monday and it rained hard Tuesday and Wednesday. Going home today. Am here with seven of my closest friends.   

    We met partying over 40 years ago in London when we were young mums. We began a walking group, in fact we have walked through births, deaths, marriages, divorces and generally putting the world to rights while covering  most of the long distance paths on the British Isles. Although now we don't all live close to each other, three in Sussex, two in Kent and three in London, we rely on phone calls and emails to keep in touch but it's so important for us to meet up regularly, to walk and talk in equal measures. It's a real tonic to connect with old friends.

    On this particular trip we started as eight. Jackie only stayed one night. Although she's in her seventies she is still working part time at a jewellers in Croydon and had to get back to work. After three days Phyll and Brenda went back to London. Phyll had a hospital appointment she'd forgotten about…... senior moments are par for the course now.

     Thursday morning after breakfast Sue left sharpish to collect her husband from respite care, three of us have caring responsibilities, and Diane and her satnav started back to Eastbourne, that left three of us Marilyn, Carole and me to make our way back home on public transport.

      Walked round the back streets of Oxford to the bus station, stopped off at a couple of charity shops and a market and enjoyed a coffee sitting in the sun. At midday we decided to get the Oxford tube back to London, except it transpired that Carole and I were not booked onto the Oxford tube as we thought but with another company instead... oops! remember I told you about senior moments , so Marilyn travelled home alone. These buses are so comfortable, chatted over the last few days, ate and dozed. Realised I'd taken my sketch pad and never opened it.

      Arrived in London from Oxford, what a shock to the system , like a Breugle        painting on speed. Just missed the rush hour thankfully and arrived in Hastings exhausted after five hours travelling. Bus home. Post on mat mostly junk mail. Dropped my bag and made a cup of tea and went outside to look at the sun on the sea and walk round the garden. Heaven. Always good to get home.

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