Sunday, 18 September 2016

HS024 - mackerel, the news and advice

Hastings Diary Day 12 May 2016 TEMPLATE
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Write whatever comes to mind, hour by hour, a reflection or something that stands out. It’s up to you. Photos and drawings welcome.
12th May – my first Thursday as a 61 year old. There are still plenty of people who consider those in their sixties as being ‘elderly’, but I certainly don’t feel that epithet applies to me. Mind you, I haven’t been all that active today. I’m training to a be an adviser at a local advice bureau, so I spent a useful couple of hours there this morning, sitting in on one case and hearing about others. There’s a wide variety in the cases the office deals with, so I hope can be of some real assistance to those who need it.

Then home, to a roll (of the filled variety) in the garden and a cup of tea while finishing off reading The Guardian. So sad to read off the apparent suicide locally of a woman a similar age to me. The agony of depression continues to take its sordid toll.

An afternoon of pottering before cooking mackerel ready for my wife’s return from work. The choice I offered her between tea or wine quickly fell in favour of the latter, so my celebratory bottle of Syrah from yesterday was polished off today. Wine doesn’t have to be drunk all in one go!

A time for emails this evening, with an old friend with whom I share a particularly peculiar sense of humour. If GCHQ ever stumble across our communications I dread to think what they’ll make of them. I’ve also tried reading the news on the Independent and Argus websites. The combination of a mass of advertisements that slow the page to a frustrating level, and rapidly disappearing journalistic values, suggest that for this particular news addict at least, the delivery of digital news comes nowhere near to supplanting the experience gained from a well written, traditional ‘paper’.

Birthday cake and cuppa in a while, a spot of TV then bed. Another day done.

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