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HASTINGS DIARY DAY - Thursday 12th of May 2016 - Hastings, East Sussex, England.

I am 50, but look 40 yet feel 30. I am single and I am a creative artist – writer, DJ, actor, film director and scriptwriter. I like films, pumping house music and Gillingham FC. I don’t like incompetence, stress and spite. I currently live in Hastings up on the Ridge with a view of the sea. Today is a fair representation of a normal week day for me; I like to keep active, as they say. My thoughts today are positive and happy OH YES!  I am organising myself for the final third chapter of my life as the Ex has caused me to set a new course for the ship...

I woke up at 07:30 and turned on the radio. Chris Evans was talking about the women's FA Cup final this weekend at Wembley and he chatted to one of the players about whether there would be a large attendance on the day. He then played ‘Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You’ which was a great selection as I love that tune. I got up out of bed and started singing and dancing; I loved it, what a great way to start the day... Then I had my breakfast of Alpen (muesli cereal) and a large cup of coffee – 
Decaf of course

I then went to my local gym. I walked there as it doesn't seem correct to drive to a gym for a workout. On the way I had a banana as I am on a diet at the moment and slipped the skin into a Hastings Council black steel bin. I crossed over the road to the post box and posted my DVDs back to my online rental store. I carried on walking to the gym and did my usual work out of rowing, treadmill and various weight machines. In the gym one song stood out for me and made me pump iron even faster. As I was on the treadmill I heard ‘Snap: The Power’, a superb classic from 1990 which contains the memorable line “I’m the lyrical Jesse James". Lots of people in there today, all sorts of fit humans most of whom don’t need to work out. Also saw a very strange thing in there today, made me look with wonder. Then went back home to check my emails, check my Facebook messages, check my texts and last (but not least), check the post which came while I was out. I then got my lawnmower out and did a quick repair on the self-propelled problem and proceeded to mow my front lawn. It looks gorgeous in a beautiful deep green now – a bit like Wimbledon, even if I say so myself. 

Had a quick wash. or what Uncle Mac used to call a cats lick, then got changed into my Gillingham FC shorts, M&S T-shirt and Adidas trainers as today is quite hot at 22°C. I drove to my local Creative Writers Club where a group of us discussed our own short stories. I enjoyed this very much with a high level of critical review from experienced & intelligent writers. After an hour I left and drove to pick up my children from their mother's house. I pulled up outside and messaged them on my iPhone 6+ via Facebook messaging system; they all appeared shortly and jumped in my car with smiling faces and me with a Cheshire cat grin! We drove back to my house and had pepperoni pizza for tea whilst the kids watched a DVD called Krampus, which is a comedy horror film about Santa Claus’ evil nemesis. They were scared!

The kids all had orange melon afterwards and I dropped them back around 20:30 to their mum’s house because unfortunately they live with her and not me. I went back home and watched my favourite film of all time, The Thing - a superb sci-fi horror film set in the Antarctic starring Kurt Russell. I then had my favourite meal of all time - shish kebab and a pint of Stella Artois. After the film I watched some TV on SKY satellite where there was a debate about the UK leaving the European Union - there is a referendum soon about this. I then watched BBC Southeast Today as my friend was going to be on it. He has terminal cancer and has recently started on a new drug, the first anti-cancer drug to be released by the NHS for 30 years which is working fantastically for him and he is now doing very well. I then cleared up from dinner and went to bed where I read a chapter of a book called Disclaimer by RenĂ©e Knight. It is quite interesting as the main character finds a book in her house and after reading it she realises it is about her darkest secrets – someone else knows them and she is determined to find out who this is. Not the most ideal late night reading matter (bad dreams) but it had good reviews on Amazon so I thought I would give it a go. I fell asleep around midnight and unfortunately I did have disturbing dreams...

If you are reading this in 2116:-
One parent families are the norm today. Very few people get married, have children and stay together. Also a DVD is a Digital Versatile Disc that you can watch films on using a DVD player. An iPhone 6 Plus is the most technologically advanced smart phone and made by Apple; it is a mini computer and also a mobile phone. Stella Artois is the tastiest and biggest selling beer in the UK. I fill up my car with a fuel called ‘petrol’ - something that will be unheard of in 100 years’ time. BTW the ‘post’ is a hand delivered service of physical mail printed on paper – don’t worry, it was been banned many years ago!

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